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Company Bio & History

Paint Saavy offers a unique experience for art lovers by providing the highest quality of virtual classes in a private setting. The creator of Paint Saavy, Tara Nash, realized that the changing times needed an entertainment outlet that was new and refreshing, along with being mentally stimulating.  When the pandemic Covid-19 hit, she, along with the rest of the world was forced to deal with life changing, quickly!  Tara turned to what made her happy and started painting, once again.   As she sketched and filled herself full of color, shapes, & lines, she felt the need to share the intoxicating energy that art gives her.   She decided that the time had come for her to totally embrace her passion & BOOM.. Paint Saavy was born!   

Our virtual painting parties help you connect with loved ones and coworkers, and explore a positive outlet.  We’ll host your paint party live, with step-by-step guidance by an interactive instructor. You’ll socialize, laugh, “show and tell,” and finish with a fine piece of personal expression! Great for adults and children of all backgrounds.

In addition to bringing a dream come true,  Paint Saavy is also a place for everyone to shop for arts and crafts supplies.  From simple paint and brushes, to original pre-drawn canvasas available for kids and adults to paint on your own.     We look forward to serving you.     

Read more about the Artist’s below and how it all works…

Meet The Artist

Tara Nash

Tara Nash, the owner of Paint Saavy LLC was born with a brush in her hand. She is a mother of 4 daughters and has 12 beautiful grandchildren. She has been happily married to James Nash for 15 years and they live in Atlanta Ga. She trained in Visual Arts at the Alabama school of Fine Arts in Birmingham AL and later, attended the Art Institute of Atlanta, majoring in Interior Design. She gained a love for the restaurant industry while in college and took the opportunity to go into Restaurant Management. She excelled in the hospitality industry and worked every aspect of the business. Her career progressed to being a corporate trainer and also to being an area manager which although the hospitality field was rewarding & full of energy, she never gave up her love of art. She always freelanced her artwork part time. She has been the featured artist for Black History Month in Osceola, FL. She has done several private gallery and outside festivals along with charity events. However, after being a lead manager for over 20 years, she decided to pick back up her brushes and fulfill her passion.

Her experience in marketing and restaurant business management set the foundation for her business venture, Paint Saavy. Paint Saavy offers a unique experience for art lovers by providing the highest quality of virtual classes in a personal setting. The mission of Paint Saavy is “to inhale possibility and exhale creativity” by creating one of a kind works of art with innovation and creativity, one brush stroke at a time.


Paula Weeks

Paula Weeks is an Atlanta Georgia native and has been an artist as long as she can remember, practicing both art and humanities in college, high school and on.
With an avid curiosity of Chihuly, Wright plus an ever present admiration of graphic, contemporary and urban artists , a few craft classes and a ton of dedication and hard work, proved enough for a stained and leaded glass fabrication and restoration  career. Always an advocate of children’s exposer to the arts , she also found herself involved with youth oriented art and as a self-proclaimed artist in kindergarten she has studied a lot of different mediums but found acrylic painting to be extremely therapeutic and healing. “I love abstract art and I love the qualities of glass , too. To witness the aspects  of how you can change a mood with a simple and beautiful color or tone is very inspiring and emotionally personal. I truly believe in both the escape aspect and expression of self with painting, it should be fun, release stress and make you happy and proud”.

Always happy to invite anyone who is open to finding colorful and creative new ways to deal with everyday typical life, she is eager to encourage and guide, painting and creating for entertainment purposes ,stress relief, memorable keepsakes and simply just to have fun. Let it take you and let it change you, let art become a part of you and it will lead you to the most magnificent roads of adventures you will never before have believed possible.

How it works

Paint Saavy is more than just online classes. It’s a place to go to explore different ways to socialize. You have several ways to enjoy our service. If you don’t want to schedule a virtual class you can purchase our kits & enjoy them privately, alone, or with friends. All kits come with instructions & some have pre-recorded zoom access.  You can plan a party with people from your party in different locations, or one location.  It does not matter.   We can also help you create a custom event to accommodate your needs.  We have a planned monthly calendar, as well as,  special events that change monthly. There is also a rewards program for our frequent visitors. There is always an exciting paint project going on at Paint Saavy.    Discover Us Today!


If you miss a scheduled event you can always get zoom access, as our events are recorded.

  • If crafts or kits are damaged via mail, the order will be replaced or, refunded.
  • If a scheduled event kit is purchased, it can only be refunded up to 48 hours after purchase.

All scheduled parties will be $30ppl & 5ppl or more is $25ppl

There are 3 choices for our kid parties.  You can pick a singular ceramic craft from our online store,  under kid crafts.  Or. you can purchase a Paint Kit,  a 11 x 14 kit priced with or without the easel on our online store.  You also can choose our 12pk Party Kit that comes with your pick of figurine & all painting supplies.  When you order a 12pk party pack you get a surprise gift bag for the birthday person & free cloth colorful aprons for all kids.    Contact Us today with any questions. 

No problem. We have a catalog with more options on ceramics & we would be happy to design a painting for your event free of charge.

All ceramic kits come with brushes, paint, & sealant for your finished artwork.